The DOJ claims it has jurisdiction over foreign crypto-companies that come into contact with U.S. servers.

The U.S. government says it has broad extraterritorial jurisdiction over cryptomone-related businesses.

The Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework issued by the U.S. Department of Justice stipulates a number of cases in which it will exercise its authority over foreign actors: „when virtual asset transactions touch financial, data storage, or other computer systems within the United States,“ if they use cryptocurrency to import illegal goods into the U.S., and if they „provide illicit services to defraud or steal from U.S. residents. This also applies to foreign entities engaged in money transmission in the country, even if they are incorporated abroad.

In addition, the Department claims to have the authority to prosecute any foreign actor that uses crypto-currency to support terrorist activities:

„Finally, it is worth emphasizing that if conduct involving virtual currency violated U.S. statutes regarding material support of terrorism, the U.S. government could assert jurisdiction over such crimes anywhere in the world, in accordance with due process, under the principle of protective jurisdiction.“

As motivation for the framework, the report says that „rogue states“ such as Russia, Iran and North Korea may use crypto currencies to finance cyber attacks aimed at undermining US national security. In addition, it claims that „certain terrorist groups have solicited donations of Crypto Engine currencies reaching millions of dollars through online social networking campaigns.