Sovryn developers launch RSK-based Bitcoin-DEX

Startup Sovryn has raised $2.1 million in investment and launched a decentralized exchange (DEX) with crediting capabilities.

Sovryn’s DEX is powered by smart contracts platform RSK. The developers promise to launch a decentralised management mechanism this month.

The Sovryn exchange offers credit and non-custodial Bitcoin Code trading in bitcoin, USDT and the Dollar on Chain (DOC) stackcode.

„Bitcoin has created a decentralised monetary system. Thanks to Sovryn, we are providing bitcoin with a decentralised financial system,“ stressed Edan Yago, a spokesperson for the project.

Sovryn has received funding from Greenfield One, Collider Ventures and Monday Capital.

Earlier, ForkLog reported on RSK’s development of a tool for interaction between bitcoin and DeFi token service Aave.